HackTrack is a hackathon competition where the most talented teenagers come together to create and invent new technologies, apps, and other products.

We're very excited to finally host the first hackathon in HackTrack's global hackathon series!
To kickstart this amazing worldwide hackathon competition, the first hackathon will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel. Up to 150 teenagers will gather in 5-member teams to create and invent amazing new technologies and products. This event will be one of the foundations of the HackTrack community along with other events which will be part of the worldwide hackathon competition.

Our goal as the HackTrack team is to create and expand a worldwide community of young, passionate people who want to make the world a better, more connected place by connecting people in different countries, regions, tech scenes, ethnic beliefes and social and economic classes.

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Please attach a GitHub (or any other VCS hosting) repo to your submission.


HackTrack's Judges

HackTrack's Judges
Judges will be announced in the event.

Judging Criteria

  • Technicality
    Difficulty: Does the application demonstrate technical competence/knowledge? Variety of Tech: Did the team use a variety of technologies? Bugs: Did the project execute cleanly? Extensibility and Functionality: Is the "hack extensible"?
  • Creativity
    Originality: Is the idea original? Has it never been done before? Implementation and Development: Is the hack novel in its implementation or development? User Needs: Does the hack identify and fulfill the user’s need?
  • Presentation
    Pitch: Were the presenters clear, and did they communicate their idea effectively?
  • Design
    User Interface: Is the application aesthetically pleasing? User Experience: Is the application intuitive to use?
  • General
    Overall Rank: On a scale of 1 to 10, what is the overall rank of the application?
  • Bonus
    Uses RapidAPI: Is the application based on RapidAPI? If so, how much of the application is based on RapidAPI?